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Brad Filmanowicz CPA, EA, MBA is a Mark J Kohler Main Street Tax Pro!

Free 20-25 Minute Consultation Learn How Much You Can Save.

Here is what you get in a Tax Plan from Brad

  • Business Structure Analysis – What structure is the best tax-wise for your business?

  • Deep Dive into your business and goals – Learning what you want guides us to what is best for you.

  • Discover Deductions you are not taking advantage of.

  • Proper Retirement Plan – The right plan saves you money.

  • Discover how side hustle income can go directly into a Roth or 401k.

  • Real Estate as a tax shelter.

  • Learn how to implement these strategies to save on your taxes every year!

My average savings is over $30,000, for the first year. I have been doing this since 1997. This is conversation and not a high pressure sales call. We tell you the price upfront, WE DO NOT VALUE BASE OUR FEES ON YOUR SITUATION LIKE MANY OF THESE COMPANIES. We are looking for the right client fit, and a long term relationship.


Tax Planning in 3 Simple Steps

  1. 20-25 minute FREE zoom conversation with me. I find out what you are looking for and I ask some questions

  2. Based on the call, I give you an amount I can save you in your taxes.

  3. Enjoy your SAVINGS!

Schedule a 20 minute Zoom Here

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