Dentist Contractor Program

A Special Program Designed For The Dentist Who Is An Independent Contractor
As an Independent Contractor you have 4 major problems:
  1. High Self-Employment Taxes
  2. High IRS Audit Risk
  3. Unlimited Liability
  4. Record Keeping

Shocked By How Much You “Owed” on Your  Self-Employment & Income Taxes in 2018? Looking to Minimize Your Liability for 2019 & Keep More Money in Your Pocket? We Can Help!

With 1st Chicago Accounting, you’ll be expertly guided by your very own tax specialist who will not only go over your previous year’s return with a fine tooth comb, but additionally set you up for maximum savings come tax season next year!

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If You’re Anything Like Most Self Employed Dentists…

Then chances are… you overpaid this past tax season without even knowing it!

Just the thought of that probably makes your stomach turn, right? As a dentist, your strengths lie in providing the best dental services to your patient that suit their health…NOT scrutinizing financial side of your business! So, why sweat the numbers yourself when it could cost you tons of money down the line?!

But hey, don’t take it personal!

The tax code can often times feel needlessly confusing, especially to the untrained eye! Rest assured, you’re in good company when it comes to overpaying on your taxes as professionals all over the country often do so before enlisting the help of a professional!

This is why at 1st Chicago Accounting we’ll go over everything in detail to make sure you paid ONLY what you owed… and not a penny more! Our team of tax specialists all possess years upon years and in some instanced decades of experience helping dentists like yourself maneuver the tax code with finesse. In fact, believe it or not… we’ve been told by clients we actually have a way of making taxes fun!

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Here’s Exactly How Your Tax Specialist Will Help You

Think of your tax specialist as the secret weapon you never knew you needed for your business, available to you at all times. And because they solely work with self-employed dentists, they know the tax code inside and out for businesses like yours.

Here’s a glance at just 3 of the many things your specialist will do for you…

1. They’ll Verify You Claimed ALL Your Deductions

Call it a hunch, but chances are you haven’t claimed all your deductions! In fact, in our 20+ years since inception. 1st Chicago Accounting has helped more businesses owners save thousands with unclaimed deductions than we can count! We’ll extend this same due diligence to you as we ensure no deduction is left unclaimed, leaving as much cash in your business as possible.

2. They’ll Save You Serious Time AND Future Headaches

Let’s face it… managing your expenses can be a total nightmare and even keep you hostage in the office for hours when you put it off for weeks at a time! Fortunately, our specialists will teach you our tried and true method that takes just 10 minutes on average a week to compile all of your deductions. This system also safeguards you against losing receipts, all the while helping you take back the financial reigns on your business!

3. They’ll Set You Up for Future Success

Thirdly and most importantly, you’ll discover firsthand how to set up the proper legal structure for your business to save thousands of dollars year after year in taxes! This proper structure is absolutely critical for all independent contractors to save a tremendous amount on Self-Employment taxes and Income taxes alike! Don’t jeopardize your wallet by neglecting to learn this surprisingly easy strategy.

Your NEXT Move

Ready to get your dental/medical business’s finances back on track and minimize your tax liability at the same time?

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We have a simple program that will save you a ton of time and money, so you can focus on your patients.

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Tax Benefits Of A S-Corporation


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